Amarillo Health Screening

Together we can make your company healthier.

 Offering a full range of Occupational Health Screening in accordance with the

  • Health and Safety Executive Guidelines

  • HSE Healthy Workplace Initiative

  • HSE DWP DoH Health Work and Wellbeing – Caring for our Future

We are able to provide a NMC Registered Nurse Health Screening service supported by Consultant Occupational Health Physicians
 This affordable flexible service, which can be tailored to your working hours, ensures that each employee is treated individually with the highest standard of health care and confidential attention.
What’s the value?
Health surveillance provides you with information, which helps you to protect employees from illness caused by being exposed to health risks at work. It enables you to manage these risks effectively by acting as a check on:

  • How your control measures are working.

  • Helping to pinpoint where you need to take further steps.

  • Benefits to your company may include

    • Absenteeism reduced

    • Reduction in employee turnover

    • Improved morale and loyalty amongst employees

    • Reduction in Health related claims

    • Increase in Productivity